Position openly and clearly confirmed

Belarus is against strengthening military activity in the region

Belarus is against strengthening military activity in the region, notes Belarus’ Foreign Minister, Vladimir Makei, dismissing NATO accusations as absurd regarding idea that Belarus could team up with Russian army in Kaliningrad to capture Suwalki corridor and isolate Baltic States from their allies in NATO

The Minister has stressed that any efforts to step up military activities on either side of the Belarus-EU border, including the deployment of more troops and hardware, will result in stronger military tension. It’s absolutely unnecessary under current conditions, particularly in view of the situation in Ukraine, adds Mr. Makei. “We cannot stifle the smouldering Ukrainian conflict. Adding more wood to the fire would be absolutely irrational.”

The Foreign Minister of Belarus states that Belarus’ position on issues of war and peace has been repeatedly outlined by President Alexander Lukashenko: no threat to peace will originate from Belarusian territory.

By Svetlana Savko
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