Portentous number five

Litesound to perform fifth in line at second semi-finals

By Kirill Merinov

According to the draw, our entrant is to compete directly against artistes from Serbia, the Netherlands, Portugal, Macedonia, Malta, Ukraine, Armenia, Bulgaria, Sweden, Georgia, Slovenia, Estonia, Turkey, Slovakia, Croatia, Norway, Lithuania and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The band’s manager, the father of Dmitry and Vladimir Karyakin, Yuri Dmitrievich, tells us that the boys are delighted with the draw. “During our stay in China, we entered into the spirit of Eastern superstitions and began to look at the ‘energy’ of particular numbers and words,” he notes. “Number four in Chinese is associated with the word ‘death’ but ‘five’ is considered lucky for those willing to work hard and show determination. Accordingly, we’re very happy with the draw.”
Six countries — the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Azerbaijan (the winning state from last year) — are automatically through to the Eurovision-2012 finals. On May 24th, we’ll see whether the Belarusian rock band will join them!

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