Pollution-Free Process

Belarusian equipment to process used tyres will be used in the U.S., Canada
The agreement was signed between Belarus’ Institute of heat-mass exchange of the National Academy of Sciences and U.S.’ Pacetronic Corporation. The American company was awarded the sole right to sell Belarusian tyre-processing equipment in the U.S. and Canada. The developments of Belarusian scientists are also in demand in Russia, Lithuania and Israel.

The ecologically friendly and fully automated process of thermal recycling of used tyres and other rubber products into fuel and technical carbon is a closed-loop scheme that prevents harmful greenhouse emissions. In other words, this is thermolysis of organic waste in the atmosphere of cheap heat-carrier under modest temperature and normal pressure. Specialists of the Institute of heat-mass exchange design mobile processing plants and obtain production facilities to make processing equipment with various capacities depending on the terms of contracts.
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