Polesye requires attention

The Global ecological fund will allot more than 2 million US Dollars to the project on preservation of Belarusian swamps
The Global ecological fund will allot more than 2 million US Dollars to the project on preservation of Belarusian swamps.

The main aim of the project is preservation of biological diversity of water-swamp territories in the Belarusian Polesye. The document supposes improvement of the administrative system of reservations, and also regulatory structure and practice of land-use management within the frames of water-swamp holdings. The project is calculated to 2011 and it will embrace nearly 120 thousands of hectares of swamp holdings. “Its implementation will create more favourable conditions for preservation of globally significant types of flora and fauna in Belarus and will allow solving the whole complex of ecological problems”, — considers the head of the project Alexey Artiushevskiy.

On the territory of Belarus there are nearly 1,7 million hectares of natural swamps. Their preservation is one of the main aims of environmental departments. In the republic the events on prevention of fires on the swamps are being carried out, of underflooding of valuable forestlands, weediness of open meadows and sedgy lowland moors with bushes and rushes. Several projects on restoration of Belarusian swamps offer development of environmentally sound land-use management on these territories, establishment of optimal hydrological regime on them.

Today the Ministry of nature of Belarus carries out work on legislation improvement in the sphere of preservation and a rational use of water-swamp holdings. In the republic the following documents were approved: the National strategy of the system development of particular protected natural territories till 2015 and the scheme of their rational placement. Apart from this, the project of the National program for 2008–2012 was worked out. Realization of these documents will provide preservation of water-swamp holdings of Belarus, will reduce negative influence of anthropogenic factors on the environment.
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