Polesie residents always glad to welcome tourists

Pripyat Polesie to become Belarus’ cultural-tourist brand

By Andrey Atreshchenkov

Pripyat Polesie is famous for its landscapes, with unique lowland oak forests and folk traditions fascinating tourists. The region has its own cultural identity. Moreover, some of the villages in the region become islands during floods, making them especially interesting for tourists.

“It would be wonderful for tourists to boat through these unique villages, with thatched houses and shadoofs. They could also chat with Polesie residents,” explains the Head of Marketing and Publishing Activity Department at the National Tourism Agency, Valery Boldyrev. “The area rather resembles Japan, which was a closed island for a long time. In fact, Pripyat Polesie is among the few Belarusian regions where authentic cultural traditions have been preserved.”

Pripyat Polesie includes three districts of the Brest region and four districts of the Gomel region. The State Programme for Socio-Economic Development and Complex Use of Natural Resources of Pripyat Polesie (running from 2010-2015) aims to support the social and economic development of the region. Resources are to be used wisely, with investments attracted and favourable living conditions created for residents.

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