‘Poetry gives me the opportunity to reveal my inner self’

Student Maxim Kishchenko successfully combines studying economics with searching for new poetic rhymes
It’s said that our environment shapes us and this certainly seems true in Maxim’s case; brought up in a family of artists, he could hardly remain untouched. He currently studies at the Academy of Public Administration (under the aegis of the President of Belarus) but recently took part in the 7th Open International Delphic Games, hosted by the Kazakh capital of Astana. Under the slogan ‘Energy of Youth’, it brought together over 800 youngsters from 16 countries, competing in 19 artistic nominations. Festivals, exhibitions and presentations were the result and Maxim returned with a diploma in the ‘Poetry’ category.

“I’ve been composing verse since I was nine,” he reveals. “I treat my hobby very seriously and would love to completely devote myself to literature. However, I’m studying at the Academy so that I can be assured of a steady job in future; it’s difficult to earn your living as a poet!”

Don’t you dream of seeing your poetry in sale in the shops?

Of course, but I already share my work on a website dedicated to poetry; it unites like-minded people, pooling our creativity and giving us the chance to critique each other’s verse. This interchange of opinions helps inspire our creative growth.

What do you do if inspiration suddenly comes during a lecture…

It does happen sometimes but not because lectures are boring. An interesting line may suddenly appear and I just have to write it down. Sometimes, I can’t fall asleep until I write something down that’s in my head. Poetry gives us the opportunity to reveal our inner self.

Do you try to write every day?

I write several times a week but not every day. I try to find rhyming answers to eternal philosophical questions and enjoy writing poetry dedicated to particular people. For example, one of my female friends is so dedicated to dancing that she continues through any pain. One of my poems honours her strength and endurance.

Which poems did you perform at the contest?

Nina Kukharenko is a famous ceramic artist and, of course, is very proud of her son. She’s delighted by his successful studies and creativity.

Who is Maxim’s favourite poet?

He likes Maxim Bogdanovich among Belarusian poets while preferring the poetry of Robert Burns and Alberti from abroad. The latter used to write a great deal about the sea, admiring its beauty, and Andalusian landscapes. I think we should study the legacy of the past while bringing something of our own, with new rhymes and interpretations.
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