Pleasant innovations for passengers

Touch panels to be installed at public transport stops

By Valeria Gavrilova

Touch panels to be installed at public transport stops

Touch panels to be installed at public transport stopsVideo surveillance systems, cash dispensers and self-service terminals are soon to enhance passenger comfort and safety. Using a touch-panel, it will be possible to track the movement of buses, trolley buses and trams: the innovation is to appear first at those terminals with the greatest volume of passenger traffic.

Next year, Minsk’s state-owned Capital Transport and Communications enterprise is to redesign bus and tram stops, using feedback from customers, to offer those waiting more protection from wind, rain and snow. New rolling stock will be equipped with air conditioning. The Director of the Capital Transport and Communications enterprise, Valery Shkuratov, is convinced that the move will meet with passengers’ approval.

Minsk City Executive Committee’s plan of action to improve the quality of urban transport for 2015-2020 continues to be discussed, to ensure that passengers receive the best possible service.
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