Planting the seeds of international growth

The Minsk Tractor Works expands geography of deliveries in the markets of Europe, South East Asia and Latin America
By Yuri Chernyakevich

Last year, the Minsk Tractor Works resumed delivery of production to France. Moreover, it organised the production of Belarus tractors with Tier-3B engines, meeting the latest European requirements on ecology. These are two vehicles which the enterprise recently introduced at the two most prestigious world agricultural shows in Paris and Hanover.

“Among the largest orders, is a batch of ‘Belarus’ tractors bound for Pakistan,” said the Deputy Director General of the Minsk Tractor Works, Alexander Poturaev. “We have delivered almost two thousand vehicles there, as well as almost five hundred tractors to Poland.”

But all this is just the tip of the iceberg. Last year, tractors under the label ‘made in Belarus’ were sent not only to Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, but also to the markets of Nigeria, Mozambique, Tanzania, Congo, Turkey and Sri Lanka. Moreover, export to Great Britain, Hungary, Serbia and Czech Republic has grown considerably.

The enterprise has also been commissioned for bespoke orders. It has made two universal vehicles which can go on both road and on rail. One of them was produced for the Minsk metro, while the second was sent to the Voronezh plant.

This year, the enterprise intends to focus on increasing its exports to countries further abroad, and to such CIS countries as Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan. It also plans to start assembly of ‘Belarus’ tractors in Cambodia in the near future. They believe that, within two next years, the release of tractors here should reach 500 vehicles a year. The enterprise believes that this will allow, not only an increase of exports to this country, but also serve as a foothold on the markets of South East Asia. The opening of a Minsk Tractor Works trading house in Singapore should also contribute to this goal.
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