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Plans due to come true

French company to launch construction of three hotels in Belarus in 2015
French company to launch construction of three hotels in Belarus in 2015

“The Accor hotel chain has already constructed a number of hotels in our country and has now chosen three more sites — in Grodno, Brest and Borisov — to launch three Ibis hotels in 2015,” noted the Ambassador of Belarus to France, Pavel Latushko, speaking at the 1st Belarusian-French Business Forum.

The diplomat remarked that the parties are considering build a sports medicine centre. “We’re discussing the project with a major private Belarusian company, which is interested in setting up such a healthcare facility, with the participation of French investors, in Minsk,” underlined the Ambassador.

The construction of hotels by Accor will help raise Belarus’ tourist attractiveness while promoting business contacts with France and other European countries.

Accor Group, the world’s leading hotel operator and market leader in Europe, is present in 92 countries, with more than 3,600 hotels and 460,000 rooms. The company earned 5.536bn Euros in 2013. The company is currently designing and building about 780 hotels, offering 139,000 rooms.

Minsk’s hosting of the 1st Belarusian-French Business Forum brought together companies from more than ten French regions, allowing over 50 Belarusian and 58 French companies to hold bilateral talks. French participants learnt about the export and investment potential of Belarus, and the experience of foreign companies on the Belarusian market.

By Alexander Vetrov
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