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Representatives of 37 countries of the world will take part in the international Chernobyl conference in Belarus
Some 1,800 representatives of Belarusian and foreign organizations are expected to take part in the international conference “Chernobyl. 20 Years Later. Strategy of Recovery and Sustainable Development of Contaminated Regions”, which is to take place in Minsk and Gomel on April 19-21.
Scientists, public figures, politicians and community leaders from 37 countries claimed they were ready to take part in the conference. A number of international organizations and institutions confirmed they were ready to finance the conference, including the UN Office in Belarus, Swiss Cooperation Office, World Bank Office, OSCE Office in Minsk, UNICEF and the embassies of France and Japan.

The budget of the Union State of Belarus and Russia will also provide considerable funding.

The conference will sum up the experience in recovering the Chernobyl-affected areas and work out recommendations as to the plan of actions for ten years to come, social policy and cooperation with international institutions to develop an integrated approach to the rehabilitation of contaminated areas. New Chernobyl programs and projects will be presented at the meeting.
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