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Aviation Academy could appear in Belarus

The establishment of a Belarusian State Aviation Academy has recently been discussed in Minsk, during a sitting of the Co-ordination Council of the Interstate Aviation Committee (training aviation specialists). The Academy could be set up at Minsk’s State Higher Aviation College, as its Head, Alexander Laptsevich, explains. This is the third attempt to establish such an institution in Belarus, with projects in 2005 and 2007 put aside.

“This problem badly needs a solution. Firstly, it’s an issue of prestige: aviation academies operate in all other states who are members of the Convention on International Civil Aviation. Secondly, since 2006, we’ve been conducting separate enrolment of students for specialities in higher and secondary special education (although, in line with the Belarusian Education Code, we can only provide secondary special education). Finally, it would be quite profitable from a financial point of view to have the Academy (rather than using our old model of training aviation specialists). We won’t lose our Military Department yet will also be able to train dispatchers and enrol foreign students. The College has all the prerequisites to become an Academy,” says Mr. Laptsevich.

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