A contest song of Alexey Zhigalkovich brought the second victory to Belarus at the children’s “Eurovision”
An 11 year-old Minsk citizen Alexey Zhigalkovich became a winner of the children’s contest “Eurovision–2007” in Rotterdam. His own song “With friends” brought him success among participants of 17 countries. European viewers evaluated the performance of a young Belarusian soloist in 137 points. It turned out to be 1 point more, than the ensemble “Arevik” from Armenia — the main rival, which leaded in the rating table.

Meanwhile, hot contest for the victory during announcement of voting results preserved until the last minutes. Lithuanian TV viewers and their 12 points, which they gave to a “piggy bank” of the Belarusian, helped Alexey Zhigalkovich to approach closer to the leader. The voting result of our fellow citizens and 7 points, which Belarusian TV viewers gave to the performers from Armenia, allowed Alexey Zhigalkovich pressing round his rival and gaining the lead.

A triumphator of the children’s “Eurovision–2007” was hosted as a hero. Alesha didn’t conceive that till the last moment, even when Armenian performers were the first, he hoped for victory. And he won! The highest points — 12-TV viewers from Portugal, Malta and Lithuania gave to a Belarusian artist, 10 points Alexey got from Russia, Ukraine and Bulgaria.

— This was a very interesting contest, — a young winner said. — The audience welcomed me warmly. I didn’t even think how do I perform — the first or the last, I simply came out to the stage and showed everything that I can and what I was taught by my teachers. Now I seriously think about the career of the artist. Firstly, for this I need to overtake a material, which I missed during preparation to the contest.

Alexey Zhigalkovich got the first place at the children’s “Eurovision” absolutely deservedly, considers the merited man of culture of Belarus, the art director of the National centre of musical art in the name of Vladimir Muliavin, Svetlana Statsenko.

— There were many opinions concerning Alexey’s performance until the beginning of this prestigious contest. But there is a result! And he is the best! — she said. — We are proud of our country. Having gained victory, Belarus again demonstrated the level of training of young talents and song skills of the artists.

It isn’t simple to surprise Europe for the fourth time. Successful performance of Olga Satsiuk, who occupied the 4th place in the first year of Belarus participation in the children’s “Eurovision”, triumphal victory of Ksiusha Sitnik at this contest in 2005, the second place, occupied by Andrey Kunets last year in Bucharest, could calm the Belarusians. But nothing of the kind. They conquered Europe for the fourth time! Tens of specialists, who prepared Alexey Zhigalkovich, didn’t make a bad shot. A song, written by Alexey, produced in rock and break-dance style, performed by seven pupils of Alexander Mezhenny, conquered affinity of the megabuck audience. And now Belarus is a twofold winner of the children’s “Eurovision”.

Irina Tugarina
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