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The Belarusian Scientific and Technical University is preparing for a jubilee
In today’s Belarus graduates from the Belarusian Scientific and Technical University work in almost every company. For 85 years of its history the leading technological university trained around 145 thousand specialists for Belarus and foreign states.
“At present 29 thousand students are trained in 75 professions at 16 faculties”, says BSTU’s First Pro-rector Vladimir Solomakho. “In last five years the number of professions has almost doubled. But it is more important that after the USSR collapse we managed to continue training specialists in such fields as mechanical and automobile engineering, power engineering and building”.

The BSTU pays a lot of attention to scientific research, exercises efforts to create import-replacing technologies and equipment. The university co-operates with companies in Germany, South Korea, Turkey, Spain, China, and India. This year the university carried out over 9 million dollar worth of research, with the largest part — around 70 percent — coming as investments by individual businessmen and companies.
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