Peaceful atom of artist Monica Lemeshonok

Exhibition of paintings and drawings by young Mogilev artist Monica Lemeshonok opens at Mogilev’s Regional Art Museum

By Sergey Kulakov

The project was planned seven years ago, before being gradually brought to life. The atom in Monica’s artworks symbolises creation, renewal and spring, with most created in her favourite impressionist style. Her pieces boast plenty of light, joyful emotions and a sunny mood.

“Each stroke of my pen or brush symbolises the atom, from which the outside world consists. I wanted to show it moving, as a symbol of eternal life, reflected in our surrounding nature. I try to depict people in my drawings, their understanding and perception of the atom; they can be so diverse,” noted the artist, chatting to journalists on the eve of the exhibition opening.

This is the 19th personal exhibition for the 24 year old painter, who holds a scholarship from the Presidential Special Fund for Support of the Talented Youth. She has won Mogilev Regional Executive Committee’s special award and her works are kept in private collections and galleries in Belarus, Russia, Germany, France, Japan, Mexico, Canada and Brazil.
Many professional artists view Ms. Lemeshonok’s works as being unique in their use of colour and in their technique. Movement and volume bring her pictures alive, while having original composition and strong creativity.

Sadly, Monica has been unable to walk since childhood. However, she remains optimistic, devoting most of her free time to her creativity.

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