Passengers to use e-schedule

Electronic tables to appear at public transport stops in Belarusian capital this year

By Oksana Shikut

Minsktrans’ chief engineer, Boris Demidovich, explains that the tables will indicate the time of arrival of the next bus, trolley bus or tram, installed initially at the busiest stops, on central streets and avenues. The equipment is being supplied by the Minsk Electromechanical Plant, with the first sample arriving by late February.

The instalment of e-tables on Minsk’s streets is an important part of the new automated system for the city’s public transport. This major project envisages equipping drivers’ cabins (of buses, trolley buses and trams) with GPS navigation terminals, allowing their location and route to be tracked, in real time. Additionally, drivers will be able to see the times of other vehicles, running ahead or behind schedule. About 1,700 GPS systems have already been installed and, by late March, all city transport will have them.

In April, Minsktrans will begin installing navigation devices on inter-city and suburban transport.

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