Passengers in ‘net’

By late 2010, some inner-city shuttle buses of Minsk to have Internet

By Veronika Ivlieva



Soon, passengers of inner-city shuttle buses will be able to expand their entertainment on route. Reading, playing mobile phone games and looking through the windows will be supplemented with an interesting new activity. By late 2010, some routes will have access to the Internet. The idea was recently discussed at the Business Internet-2010 conference.

This will be implemented by one of the largest Belarusian autocentres, jointly with a mobile communication operator. “The cars will be equipped with wireless Wi-Fi access, necessary to access the global network,” explains the autocentre’s marketing service staff. “Passengers will be able to log on using any device which supports this technology — i.e. a notebook, a mobile phone, an e-book or a tablet computer. High-speed 3G Internet will be available.”

Other countries are already experimenting with the Internet services on passenger inner-city routes. Vilnius has recently introduced 15 trolley buses equipped with wireless connection free of charge. The innovation aims to enhance the popularity of public transport.

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