Pass your service worthily

As around 2,000 young men took their oath to serve the Motherland

As around 2,000 young men took their oath to serve the Motherland, the crowd (and cars) gathered near the 72nd Guard United Training Centre for Senior Specialists and Warrant Officers in Pechi seemed to outstrip the number usually gathering at the neighbouring stadium (where Borisov BATE football club plays its matches)

Oath taking

“Military service in the Belarusian army is not merely the duty of each young man. It gives them the chance to learn how to protect their families and their homeland,” noted the Defence Minister, General Lieutenant Andrey Ravkov, addressing all those present. “We offer more than simple training. You’ll take part in military studies and master complicated military machinery. I’m convinced that you’ll successfully pass the programme of military training with the help of your commanders.”

The young soldiers have already become acquainted with the fundamentals of military service. “We’ve been taught marching, have studied army regulations and have, even, fired weapons,” admits Alexander Sigay, sharing his impressions. He’ll spend another four and a half months in Pechi, to become a tank commander. “I was preparing for military service and awaiting my call. I’ve already found a common language with my comrades-in-arms.”

Brest Hero-Fortress’ Ceremonial Square has also hosted a major event, gathering around 750 military from Brest Garrison, who took their oath.

By Dmitry Ampilov
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