Partners confirm status with action

Kazakhstan keen to privatise Belarusian enterprises, while Moldova opens new Belarusian facilities on its territory

By Olga Belyavskaya 

The possibilities of attracting Kazakhstani businesses into the privatisation of Belarusian state assets has been discussed at a bilateral meeting between the Belarusian Head of Government and the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Karim Massimov, hosted by St. Petersburg.

“Kazakhstan has expressed its willingness so, shortly, we’ll prepare relevant proposals regarding taking part in privatisation tenders in Belarus,” explains Mikhail Myasnikovich. He notes that co-operation in this field with our Customs Union partner country is essential for Belarus, “We should enjoy common commercial, industrial and financial capital in order for the Single Economic Space to operate efficiently.”

The sides also reviewed mechanisms regarding Customs Union Commission and collegium decisions, discussing how best to implement them, with the degree of involvement by relevant national authorities clearly defined, explained the Prime Minister. “Kazakhstan, at the level of the Prime Minister, supports our initiative to allow documents on Customs Union collegium to be signed in early November, by our Heads of State,” he emphasises.

In St. Petersburg, Mr. Myasnikovich also held talks with the Prime Minister of Moldova, Vladimir Filat, agreeing upon the opening of new Belarusian facilities to produce agricultural and other machinery in Moldova and to improve trade in wine materials, fruit and vegetables. Co-operation in the agro-industrial complex has been agreed. It is expected that the Prime Minister of Moldova will visit Belarus in the near future to assess the realisation of these plans.

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