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Park acquires new contours

One step closer to Industrial Park in Smolevichi District 
By Olga Levicheva

The Economy Ministry has hosted a meeting of the China CAMC Engineering Co., the Minsk Region Executive Committee and Horizont Management Company, who are tasked with founding the joint Belarusian-Chinese Industrial Park. Its charter and constituent documents were signed, following initial decree signing by the President in early June. 

The Park is to cover about 80 square kilometres, with 50 years of special tax concessions granted. In addition, it will boast convenient infrastructure, to support the development of electronics, biomedicine, chemistry and engineering. The Smolevichi District will soon be attracting numerous companies and extensive infrastructure: accommodation, business offices and logistics centres. Needless to say, employment in the region will receive a substantial boost.

The Minsk Region Executive Committee has granted the founders certificates of state registration as a Technopark, explains Chairman Boris Batura. He notes, “We’re proud that the Minsk Region is hosting this project — the first of its kind within the CIS. We expect that its creation will inspire the arrival of the largest corporations from China and Europe.”

China CAMC Engineering Co., the Minsk Region Executive Committee and Horizont Management Company will be working together to design and build the park’s infrastructure while seeking investors to set up high-tech and competitive industries. The Chair of the Board, the General Director of CAMC, Luo Yan, notes that the region near the capital of Belarus was not chosen by chance. She explains, “The Minsk Region has a good industrial and agricultural base. “We are delighted that the two-year efforts of the governments of China and Belarus have not been in vain and that our countries have entered a new stage of co-operation.”
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