Parisian dreams of exhibition

Belarusian artist and colour expert Larissa Noury Shakinko — who lives and works in France — gives master classes at Paris’ L’Ecoles Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts

By Alina Grishkevich

The master classes included lectures and book presentations. The mayoral office of Caen (the capital of Lower Normandy) entrusted Ms. Noury Shakinko in creating a colourful map of the city, depicting its landmarks in her own unique style. She has lectured in Brussels and at the Sorbonne Urban and Regional Planning Institute this year. In June, she presented her books on colour in Zurich and launched a new programme on colour harmony at a forum of the International Colour Association (of which she is a member).

Ms. Noury Shakinko’s books are used in the teaching of art and architecture at French higher educational establishments; the National Library of Belarus is depicted on their pages. She advocates the use of natural colour schemes in city planning which unite different specialists: architects, city planners, landscape designers, artists and designers from around the world.

The artist has lived in Paris for over ten years, with her family. She is an international level colour expert in design, art and architecture, participating in numerous foreign shows, and has enjoyed 26 personal exhibitions: in France, Portugal, South Korea, Spain and the USA. In March, around 30 of Ms. Noury Shakinko’s pictures were on show at the Parisian ARTeSIENNE, in Montmartre. Meanwhile, in September, she gave a well-received show in Bulgaria, which then went to Paris in October and to Switzerland in November.

Ms. Noury Shakinko has not yet exhibited in her homeland of Belarus but dreams of doing so.

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