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Panoramic picture of independent state

Galina Adamovich’s full-length Belarus. Documentary Story receives special prize at International Film Assembly Dnieper-2016

Belarus. Documentary Story, produced by Letopis Studio at Belarusfilm Studio, explores the development of independent Belarus, and its present-day position, showcasing the country’s most important events and facilities. It looks at the nation’s industry, agriculture, healthcare, sport, and international relations, giving a panoramic picture of Belarus over the years of its existence as an independent state.

The Annual International Film Assembly on the Dnieper was being held by Lesvitsa Orthodox Culture Centre for the seventh time, marking the 1,000th anniversary of Old Russian monarchism on Mount Athos, which is celebrated by the Orthodox church in Ukraine this year. The forum was held under the motto ‘The Unity of Cinematography is in the Truth’..

By Pavel Martynenko
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