Paintings mirror time

New exhibition at artist Mikhail Sevruk’s house-museum launches in town of Nesvizh
By Maria Bogomazova

Residents view Mikhail Sevruk as a Nesvizh artist, since he drew inspiration from the town for four decades. The city’s remoteness from the capital may be the reason for him being little known but this is certainly not deserved. With this in mind, enthusiasts have united efforts to remedy the situation.

The launch of a new exhibition at Mr. Sevruk’s house-museum pays tribute to his legacy. Among the many guests at the solemn ceremony were representatives of the Belarusian Culture Ministry, the Minsk Regional Executive Committee’s Culture Department, Mr. Sevruk’s friends, colleagues and pupils, as well as his fans and all those who appreciate true art.

The artist’s personal collection at the Nesvizh Local History Museum (of which the house-museum is part) boasts 1,118 works — including pictures, sketches, reproductions, books and personal belongings. The Mikhail Sevruk: Pictorial and Graphic Art album was presented at the ceremony, showing many works currently kept by the museum and on display within the new exhibition.

The artist was born in 1905 in Warsaw, studying at Vilno University’s Department of Fine Arts and Music. After WWII, he lived and worked in Nesvizh. A member of the BSSR Union of Artists, he tended to prefer graphic works (in vogue at the time) and loved to capture portraits of ordinary working people, showing love and respect for those he drew.

Inspired by wonderful Nesvizh, he also created a series of engravings featuring architectural monuments: Farny Roman Catholic Church, the Slutsk Brama (Gates), the Town Hall and the Radziwills’ Palace. He also illustrated Belarusian language books, including creating covers for books by Maxim Tank and Rygor Shirma.

In Nesvizh, Mr. Sevruk painted his brightest and most picturesque canvases, showing a deep psychological approach and sincerity in painting human characters. His landscapes depict ancient parks and other places of beauty in the area, which were close to his heart.

Mr. Sevruk has many pupils and his followers are working hard to preserve and promote the master’s legacy.
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