Belarus hopes to preserve its quotes on textile exports in EU countries
“Bellegprom” deputy chairman Anatoly Gurov, answering the questions of MT correspondent, noted that negotiations between Belarus and European Commission on imposing next year quotas on goods produced by the enterprise, are still in progress. “Nowadays we decide on quotas that are to be observed in 2007 on every stipulated item”, — said Anatoly Gurov.

He also reminded that 3 years ago this problem was significantly more acute. “After Baltic countries — our neighbors — joined the EU we managed to avoid quotas and the figures were high. So if some problems at a particular market arise we start searching for new markets. We are able to find a new market if we encounter some problems on European market”, — said the deputy chairman of “Bellegprom”.

As an example of market diversification he mentioned the fact that Belarus sells textile at the US market. For Orshanskiy flax plant, for example, this market is one of the main markets in the whole export volume. By the way, three years ago Belarus traded US goods of light industry in volumes larger than Russia, said Anatoly Gurov. “And today everybody is satisfied with our goods”, — he summarized.

Let us remind that in 2007 Belarus managed to increase quotas on goods extremely sensitive to domestic light industry. Quotas on domestic goods exported to EU countries were raised in 2007 depending on goods category by 10–20 percent. Thus, the volume of flax fabrics supply was raised by 20 percent and cotton fabrics — by 10 percent. Other categories depending on types of groups have automatic increase by 4–5 percent in accordance with agreement on textile goods trade between the Republic of Belarus and the European Union.
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