Outstanding victories in a piggy bank of young talents

Maria Sidorenko from Mogilev became the owner of a Crystal Crown and a title “Mini-miss International 2007”
Maria Sidorenko from Mogilev became the owner of a Crystal Crown and a title “Mini-miss International 2007”.

Аcting technique, ringing voice and gracefulness of Maria didn’t leave the jury indifferent. And photos, which imprinted her reincarnation in the most unusual images, brought a Crystal Diploma to a Belarusian for the best portfolio.

This children’s contest of art, beauty and talent “Mini Miss and Mini Mister Crystal crown 2007” took place in Moscow. Young people from different countries took part in it: from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Estonia. Many stars shone on the stage, but it was necessary to choose only one…

Children had to compete in five nominations. The first performance was in the national costumes. In order to impart Belarusian colour more fully, Maria decided to perform a song in the native language. A contest participant also sang in a creative event — about a kitty. It is necessary to say, that a kitty, alongside with an angel, a doll and retro, a princess and a cowboy, — is the most favorite image of Maria. When the time of the next reincarnation came — participants had to demonstrate the children’s fashion, — a competitor transferred to France and showed a scene “A walk in Paris”. Nominations “An evening costume” and “The best portfolio” also turned out to be bright and rememberable. It is necessary to say, that an original slide-show, which accompanied each performance of Masha, just intensified the impression from her performances.

Maria Sidorenko took part in such a contest for the first time. A successful debut became possible owing to personal qualities of a girl. In spite of her age, Maria is just ten years old, she is very purposeful. She is responsible to all her hobbies. The first of them was a ball-room dancing, which developed Maria’s beautiful bearing and gracefulness. Then a girl became interested in songs: today she sings in a vocal studio “Jolly notes”. Her aspiration to perfection led her to an image-design studio “Vodoley”. There she pene­trated the art of reincarnation, learned the original creative thinking, technologies of creation of an image. Undoubtedly, these classes were not in vain. This victory gives Maria a possibility to represent the country in the next year at many International contests, such as, for example, “The Christmas Angel”, “The World of Talents”, “Mini Miss Universe”.

Besides, a performance of one more student of “Vodoley” — a nine-year old Minsk citizen Anastasia Gutikova — was also worthily evaluated. At the International children’s festival “The World of Talents 2007”, which has recently been held in Kiev, the jury awarded Anastasia with the second place in the acting technique and a title “A Little Miss Photo of the World 2007”.

— Victories at prestigious creative forums prove one more time, how rich is our country with beauty and talents, — says a creative leader of the studio “Vodoley” Ekaterina Pashkevich. — A Belarusian team returned from each contest and festival with high titles and prize places.

Olga Korney
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