Our Station in Antarctica

A Belarusian station may start operating in Antarctica in 2008
A Belarusian polar station may start working in Antarctica as early as 2008, said Leonid Turyshev, the deputy director of the National scientific research center of monitoring of ozonosphere of Belarusian State University.

According to him, the station will be located in the compound of a Russian polar station in the scope of the program “Monitoring of polar regions and servicing of Arctic and Antarctic expeditions for 2007–2010 and until 2015”.

The program covers the legal, organizational and financial aspects of the participation of Belarusian polar scientists in the exploration of polar regions. This kind of research is essential for scientific and economic purposes. The members of the expedition will also evaluate the potential resources of the only undiscovered continent on the planet.

“We also plan to study the effects of the changes in the ozone layer on the climate. The data we will receive will help forecast weather changes in Belarus,” said Leonid Turyshev.
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