Orienting points of the law are also subject to discussions

European standards in the system of justice discussed in Minsk

European standards in the system of justice discussed in Minsk

At the opening of the regional conference, Professional Training of Judges and Prosecutors: the Council of Europe’s Approach, Philippe Boillat, Director of the Directorate General Human Rights and Rule of Law of the Council of Europe, underlined that he hopes to see our country among the Council of Europe members and that the organisation of the conference is one of the steps to achieving this goal. The idea to conduct an educational seminar was expressed by the Belarusian delegation last November in Sochi when prosecutors from various states were discussing problems of the struggle against terrorism and extremist violence.

Participants of the conference

“The preparation of specialists in the sphere of law plays an important role in the implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights. The achievement of this major goal in the system of justice and the respect of fundamental human rights depends on the aspiration of the state, as well as from efficient application of the convention and the level of legal knowledge. That’s why professional training of judges and prosecutors is a priority for the Council of Europe and an important part of its strategy,” noted Mr. Boillat.

The conference was attended by the heads of the Prosecutor General’s Office, the Investigative Committee, the Supreme and Constitutional courts. Addressing the participants of the conference, the Prosecutor General Alexander Konyuk noted, “The European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms wasn’t signed by Belarus; however, constructive relations between our country and the Council of Europe in recent times have created conditions for a wider application of the convention and protocol for the development of Belarusian legislation and law enforcement practice.”

By Svetlana Isaeva
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