Optimistic life under modern conditions of peaceful atomOptimistic life under modern conditions of peaceful atom

The town of Sosnovy Bor has long been associated with nuclear power in Russia. Belarus’ first nuclear power station, being launched in Ostrovets, may seem a world away — but the two towns share much in common.
To share their rich experience, the administration of the Sosnovy Bor District has joined the Russian-Belarusian Belye Rosy Foundation in establishing close relations between the towns, with an agreement on mutual co-operation signed and the first meeting recently taking place in Sosnovy Bor. 

Victor Svillo, Deputy Chairman of the Ostrovets District Executive Committee, tells us, “A definite stereotype has formed in Belarus regarding nuclear power stations. We understand that this is caused by the consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster so people need access to more information. The example of Sosnovy Bor is a convincing argument for the peaceful atom. We have much to learn from the Russians.”

The Head of Sosnovy Bor City Administration, Dmitry Pulyaevsky, attended the international Northern Vector of Grodno Region Fair, hosted by Ostrovets, answering questions with pleasure.He detailed the advantages of the atom-town, explaining, “When a nuclear power station was built in Sosnovy Bor four decades ago, our town was in its infancy. At that time, the average age of residents stood at 24, compared to 40 years ago now. The town boasts 67,000 residents, of whom 5,500 are employed at the station. We also have several scientific and research institutes and, even, a centre training submarine crew. You won’t find a single person who dislikes living here, as people are aware of the advantages of the town: an average salary which is 1.5-fold higher than in neighbouring regions; and about 3,000 job vacancies, with only 150 jobseekers (a level much lower than in St. Petersburg). This has been achieved through the work of the nuclear power station.” 

He continues, “The station is located just 130km from the nearest Finnish city but our neighbours are confident in the security of our station. Of course, our town is still solving problems — such as limited kindergarten places — but this is due to a growing birth rate, showing that Sosnovy Bor is developing. It’s not an ‘unpleasant’ problem to have to solve. Another reactor is opening in Sosnovy Bor, using the same design as that launching in Belarus; it’s due to become operational by 2015.” 
The signing of the agreement between the administrations of Ostrovets and Sosnovy Bor isn’t the only form of exchange of ‘nuclear’ information; mutual trips are scheduled for those involved in education, culture and sports, as well as the army and police.
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