Opinions change, science remains

Some think that Belarus significantly lags behind the West in the sphere of electronics. Belmicrosystems Scientific and Technical Centre — a branch of Integral JSC — aims to change this opinion.
Russian satellites and rocket carriers, positioning and navigation systems, board radar stations and weapon direction systems, as well as aircraft and helicopter control panels, strategic armaments, air defence, anti-missile defence and counter-measure systems use developments of Belarusian specialists. From 2004-2011, they introduced 184 newly competitive high-tech goods, raising export supplies; currency earnings rose 4.5-fold. Meanwhile, 2010-2011 has seen Integral’s sales volumes reach 40 percent of the total from the last 8 years.

This work has a very important socio-political aspect, providing technological independence from foreign manufacturers. It also reinforces ties with Russia and enhances the competitiveness of our defence technology while helping fulfil the EurAsEC Microelectronics of the 21st Century inter-state programme.

The Scientific and Practical Materials Research Centre of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and Integral JSC have claimed the 2012 State Award for Science and Technology for developing and organising the industrial manufacture of specialised micro-electronic products with dual and special purposes. Three specialists are sharing the honour, inluding the Director of Integral’s Belmicrosystems Scientific and Technical Centre, Sergey Shvedov.
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