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Vitebsk Regional Philharmonic closes season with symphony orchestra concert

Open-air music eternally popular

The Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, conducted by its artistic leader, Vladimir Belyavsky, has closed its regular season, opening the way to summer events. Its outdoor courtyard Summer Mood event launched last year to great success, and attracted even more admirers this year.

In the early 20th century, outdoor concerts were far more common, drawing regular crowds. It’s certainly hard to ignore the atmosphere of a ‘street concert’. The novelty’s popularity has proven itself amply, with tickets selling out almost immediately.

The close of the summer season will see a concert of popular symphony and variety-symphony music, featuring jazz and symphony rock. Works by Antonín Dvořák, Arturo Márquez, Johann Strauss, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Carlos Gardel, George Gershwin, Woodrow Charles ‘Woody’ Herman, Paul McCartney and Eugene Magalif are on the programme.

By Yekaterina Knyazeva

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