Only youngsters embody the future

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko supports young people being involved in construction of Belarusian nuclear power station, speaking at Traditions .Youth. Future Forum
By Vasily Kharitonov

The Head of State has promised to soon discuss the initiative with the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, since the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power station will involve Russian specialists. The President of Belarus has advised youngsters not to seek quick and easy wealth but to work hard with their own brains and hands. He emphasised that true professionalism relies on skills and experience, as well as deep knowledge of our chosen field and dedication — since these enable us to think originally and creatively, bringing innovative ideas and discoveries. “View your education as serving you in the long-term: a beneficial investment into yourself,” he underlined.

Mr. Lukashenko suggested at the forum that 2015 be declared the Year of Young People in Belarus. He noted that many people regret that the younger generation seems more focused on pragmatic acquisition but he pointed out that this is a ‘sign of the times’ and that he was undecided as to whether such ambition was an advantage or disadvantage. “Pragmatism brings not only personal profit and egoism but common sense and freedom from illusion: a sense of responsibility for the present and the future,” he noted.

According to the President, these traits have always been characteristic of Western young people, who learn early in life to compete in a tough market. “Meanwhile, our young people are used to relying on their parents, the state and sheer luck, lacking these traits,” noted the Belarusian leader. He added that there is good money to be earned in Belarus, saying, “You can find a job to suit any taste here if you wish to do so.” He advised young people against trying to start their own business right away, since being a businessman is not as easy as it might seem and not everyone is suited to being an entrepreneur. “Gain a profession and it a try. Take your time before quitting,” he advised. Mr. Lukashenko stressed that the state relies on the Belarusian Republican Youth Union (BRSM), since it unites almost 500m members, or one fifth of the country’s young people.

“We in no way hide the ideological and political tasks that we set the BRSM,” said the Head of State. “However, these tasks don’t aim to create ‘hawks’ and ‘falcons’; the main aim is to shape patriotic feelings among our young people. You can’t accuse me of urging someone to take up arms against another; throughout my presidency, I’ve tried to prevent young people from doing so. Rather, we need young people who love their Motherland.”

Mr. Lukashenko also mentioned BRSM’s 100 Ideas for Belarus project, which the President views as vitally important, using the resources of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and the innovative funds of ministries. The Head of State has instructed the National Academy of Sciences and the Government to select a dozen of the most promising ideas for launch in the near future.

Mr. Lukashenko noted at the forum that Belarusian youngsters should receive ‘eternal vaccination’ against destructive ideologies and stressed that the entire history of Belarus speaks against radical action. He added, “In the last century, our country had its fill of wars, revolutions and shocks.” Sadly, no generation of Belarusians was lucky enough to live a peaceful, calm and safe life. “Although young people always wish for radical transformations and immediate change, I call upon you to think over the lessons of history. Did these shocks make anyone happy? No, they only brought confusion, misery and destruction. Never did they go without bloodshed.”

The President reminded everyone that the Palace of Independence is a symbol of Belarusian statehood, built by Belarusian specialists from local raw materials and embodying the capabilities of Belarusians.
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