Only mountains can be better than mountains

In Africa a team of Belarusian mountaineers will go through impassable jungle and deep bogs
In May 2006 members of the project “Seven Peaks” are going to climb the Lunar Mountains. This romantic name was given a mountain range in Uganda in Central Africa. The Belarusians plan to climb the highest peak of the range — Margarita (5,109 metres) and erect the national flag on the Victory Day on May 9.

The curtain of clouds hiding the Lunar Mountains in Uganda for some three hundred days a year is blamed for a special humid and warm tropical climate. There on the slopes of the snow-covered mountains usual plants grow into fantastic giants. The so-called “enchanted forest” situated at up to 3,000 metres create an unreal atmosphere. There bamboo can be as high as 12-15 metres. Groundsel, which averages 30 centimetres, grows into a tree there, with leaves as long as 60 centimetres.

The impassable jungle hides dozens of kinds of animals — elephants, bicornous rhinoceroses, giant forest pigs, and buffalos. But, of course, the most famous local resident of the area is eastern mountain gorilla. There are less than 400 specimens of the kind on the planet. Beyond 3,500 metres almost impassable bogs with no animals but beautiful plants can be found. Gigantic ceneciums, which can be found only there and on slopes of the Kilimanjaro, can be as high as 10 metres.

As part of the “Seven Peaks” project the group of Belarusian mountaineers has already climbed such peaks as Elbrus, Kilimanjaro and Aconcagua. They visited the base camp of the highest mountain in the world — Everest — and the top of Kala Pattar peak, the highest volcanoes in Ecuador, and active volcano Cotopaxi.
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