One plus three

Ready for World Championship, three new economy class hotels to open by April 1st, joining Sport Time Hotel, which launched last December: all owned by Europe Hotel
By Igor Sokolov

“In spite of all four hotels being united under one brand, each has its own style. The Sport Time Hotel is designed to welcome athletes while the hotel on Oleg Koshevoy Street is to be called East Time, catering to foreign tourists. The hotel on Kuprevich Street is to be called IT Time, while that on Korzhenevsky Street will be Hold Time,” explains the Director of Europe Hotel, Oleg Yermola.

Each hotel should receive demand within its own niche while all will benefit from online booking. Sport Time Hotel is already about 45 percent booked. “We need to work on improving the quality of our services and expanding our spectrum,” notes Oleg Yermola. “The Belarusian capital is attractive to those arriving on business, as well as those attending sports events and or coming for traditional tourism.”
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