On route to Latin American market

Venezuelan President Hugo Chбvez meets First Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus, Vladimir Semashko, as broadcast on Venezuelan television
By Nina Vasilieva

The first joint plant producing ‘Belarus’ tractors is to be set up in the state of Barinas: a worthy priority in a country following a path of political and economic independence.

It is no coincidence that the world’s news agencies quote the President of Venezuela in his praise of the policy of the President of Belarus. He notes that Alexander Lukashenko has ‘managed to build his own model, following the deplorable failure of the Soviet project’.

The Venezuelans, like Belarusians, wish to create jobs at home, manufacturing their own products and remaining masters of their own country. Belarus offers a comprehensive strategy not only for production but of service centres, adapting designs to suit local conditions.

The Belarusian delegation inspected Belarusian-Venezuelan co-operative sites, including factories producing trucks, tractors, road construction machinery and building materials. In addition, they toured houses built with the help of our agro-town experts.
Specific agreements reached by Alexander Lukashenko and Hugo Chбvez have opened up the Latin American market to Belarus, while the ‘Belarus’ tractor was the first to pave the way.
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