Old mill with ghost

New life breathed into old mill in picturesque Uzla village, Myadel District
Until Molodechno entrepreneur Andrey Gladky (whose homestead is situated opposite the old mill) decided to conduct renovations, the site was no more than a red brick ruin. Andrey realised it would make an interesting tourist attraction, and the Deputy Chair of the Myadel District Executive Committee, Inna Barieva, agrees.

Entrepreneur Andrey Gladky. Photo: Vitaly Gil

She tells us, “The fruits of his labours are now obvious. He has acted on his own initiative and, although legal issues are still being settled, this land should soon become his property. An initial agreement has been settled, as the land belongs to the local farm.” 

“Tourists are already arriving, wanting to take photos beside the massive brick walls and to listen to the flowing water. We’re now clearing back the overgrowth, and plan to install benches,” Mr. Gladky explains.

The mill has its own legendary ghost, which Mr. Gladky believes will only draw further tourist attention, “Holidayers from Russia have told me that the Veliki Ustyug (Home of Father Frost) project has a similar legend. We can offer guests the chance to try and see the ghost of the miller who is said to still guard his property. We can offer games and challenges, and I’m sure tourists will have ideas too.” 

By Dmitry Ampilov
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