Oil products lead exports

From January to February, Belarus traded with 158 countries

By Kirill Nabutov

As the National Statistical Committee has told BelTA, during this period, Belarus sold to 119 countries, with imports arriving from 144 countries. From January to February 2011, Russia was Belarus’ major trading partner, accounting for 45 percent of turnover. Ukraine formed 6 percent, the Netherlands — 5.1 percent, Germany — 5 percent, China — 3.7 percent, Venezuela — 3.5 percent, Poland — 3.1 percent, Brazil — 3 percent, Azerbaijan — 2.9 percent, and Latvia — 2.3 percent.

Data on the commodity range of exports and imports is also available, showing that oil products accounted for the major share of Belarusian exports: 22.5 percent. These were followed by potash fertilisers (10.9 percent), dairy products (5.1 percent), ferrous metals and goods made from them (4.5 percent), tractors and truck tractors (4.3 percent) and trucks (3.6 percent). The remaining 49.1 percent comprised other goods.

As regards imports, crude oil led: 21.1 percent. Natural gas accounted for 16.1 percent, ferrous metals and goods made from them — 4.9 percent, passenger cars — 4.6 percent, oil products — 3.2 percent, and medicines — 0.8 percent. 49.3 percent comprised other products.

The trade balance shows that, in the first two months of the year, the volume of foreign trade stood at $10.7bn, including $4.4bn of exports and $6.3bn of imports. In comparison to January-February 2010, exports rose by 25.6 percent (calculated at current prices) — or by $889.2m. Imports rose by 60.6 percent ($2.4bn). From January-February 2011, the negative foreign trade balance in goods and services stood at $1967.3m (against $468m in the same period of 2010).

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