Offers with innovation specialization

Innovative IT investigations aroused a great interest at the international exhibition TIBO-2007
The Newest investigations in the sphere of information and Internet technologies were in the spotlight of the 14th International forum on telecommunications, information and bank technologies placed in Minsk. The Prime Minister of Belarus Sergey Sidorsky marked during the forum: for to preserve and reinforce its positions at the world market our country shall create no less than one hundred enterprises on the latest technologies basis within the near several years. It is 386 new manufactures. We shall have to modernize about 800 enterprises. At the same time no less than fourth part of all plants and factories will become innovation active and certified products share will reach 80 percent. At that, it will be not only foreign know-how implementation but our own as well. Belarus plans to increase its home expenses for scientific-research investigations in 2–3 times up to the year of 2010.

This matter was discussed at numerous scientific-practical confe-rences and “round tables” carried out within the forum with participation of top representatives of the government, famous scientists and enterprises heads. It was possible to “feel and touch” many of what they had been discussing at the stands of about 140 companies — participants of international exhibition of information society technologies, located in these days in the largest showroom in Belarus.
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