By 2010 Belarus can significantly increase export of goods and services
In accordance with basic prognosis, export of Belarusian commodities and services can grow 1.55 times from $18.4 to $28.7bn, including commodity turnover growth from $16.2 to $25.2bn. Thus informed Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, giving comment on National export development program 2006–2010.

A more prominent part is given to export of science-intensive and technology consuming products. It is planned to raise the share of innovative export from 19 to 37% by 2010. Export of services will also enjoy higher priority.

The program touches upon steady surplus balance of foreign trade. The program is designed with allowance for Belarus’ entry into World Trade Organization and obligations arising from this. To implement the program successfully, it is planned to develop export infrastructure, including that of distribution networks of export organizations. By 2010 distribution systems are expected to hold at least 80% of products (this year it is about 12.5%). The program also covers establishment of specialized export-import bank based on “Belpromstrojbank”, and development of foreign trade contract insurance system.
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