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‘Not in my name’: lots of demonstrators denounce violence after Paris attacks

Thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets in Europe to denounce violence, in the wake of the Paris attacks
Crowds filled the streets of the French city of Toulouse, coming together to show solidarity and to remember the victims in the capital.

“It is to show as well that we are united against everything that tears apart society — and that we all aspire to peace in the end,” said one demonstrator.

‘Not in my name’ was the message coming out of a demonstration in Rome, organised by the Union of Italian Islamic Communities. One banner carried through the streets described ISIL as a ‘cancer’.

Muslim associations across Italy have declared their commitment to peace. “These terrorist groups are only creating hate between people and between religions. Religion has nothing to do with this. Our religion is not a religion of terrorism, it’s not a religion of war — but of peace,” said Mustapha Hajraoui, President of the Islamic Confederation.

People have also being pausing in Stockholm to remember those killed in Paris.
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