Nostalgia drives tourism

Israeli businessmen keen to invest in historic village of Radun (Voronovo district, Grodno region) creating a tourist centre

The area is a ‘Jewish Mecca’ in Belarus, since the Yeshiva (seminary) of Chofetz Chaim was located there. The latter was a spiritual leader of Poland and Russia in the late 19th-early 20th century. The building is currently used as a House of Culture but Israel wishes to restore the monument as a sacred place for all Jews.

On meeting Israeli businessmen from Mahash net, Belarus’ Minister for Sport and Tourism, Oleg Kachan, suggested additional talks with local authorities. In his view, the realisation of this project should drive forward tourism development in Belarus. There are no problems relating to its implementation and Mr. Kachan has promised to render all possible help to the investors.

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