Nominal value officially rises

National Bank presents Br200,000 banknote

By Alexander Berestov

Back in December 2011, it was announced that Br200,000 banknotes would soon appear in Belarusian wallets. The National Bank explained the necessity of introducing a large note due to inflation, simultaneously promising to withdraw Br10 and Br20 notes. There are now 12 denominations of banknote in circulation.

Around seven years ago, the last banknotes of new value were introduced: in July 2005, a Br100,000 banknote was put into circulation — the largest until now (although it also belongs to the banknote series of 2000 year pattern).

Famous Belarusian architectural landmarks usually appear on banknotes: the old National Library is depicted on the Br10, the Br20 features the National Bank building while Brest Fortress Kholm Gates grace the Br50 note and the National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre is portrayed on the Br100. The National Art Museum of Belarus graces the Br1,000 banknote, Minsk’s Sports Palace is depicted on the Br5,000 and Vitebsk’s panorama is portrayed on the Br10,000 note. The Br20,000 note features the historical treasure of Rumyantsev-Paskevich Palace in Gomel while Mir Castle adorns the Br50,000 note and Radziwill Palace in Nesvizh is shown on the Br100,000 banknote.

The National Bank managed to keep the design of the new banknote a secret, for security reasons; even the name of the artist developing the design was kept under wraps. “The appearance of the new banknote should improve cash turnover while allowing prices to be rounded-up,” explains Vladimir Senko, Deputy Chairman of the National Bank’s Board.

The new banknote shows Mogilev’s Regional Art Museum (named after Maslennikov and constructed from 1903-1914). It once housed the Peasants’ Land Bank and is one of the most beautiful buildings in Mogilev, combining modernism and late classicism. The reverse is graced by a collage of decorative elements from the museum building. The National Bank tells us that the Br200,000 notes also boast new visual protection elements.

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