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Session targets security agencies for improved efficiency

No reason for complacency

Session targets security agencies for improved efficiency.

During the session

The instability of the modern world is obliging even trouble-free countries to take note of possible external threats. No nation can afford to be careless in this respect and, accordingly, Belarus has been taking steps to minimise such challenges. The President recently met with heads of the security agencies to discuss the most pressing issues. Of course, the recent arrest of a gunman, just returned from the south-east of Ukraine, at Minsk’s Railway Station, gives us pause for thought.

“Since January 1st, Ukraine’s agreement with the EU has been operational. Naturally, Russia is irritated by this agreement. During my meeting with the President of Russia, we discussed this agreement and the possible risks it poses to ourselves and to Russia, as well as to Kazakhstan. We need to be ready to discuss all these issues,” noted the Belarusian President.

Mr. Lukashenko is keen to ensure our country’s economic security, knowing how delicate the balance is. He warned, “If EU goods are imported into Ukraine with zero tariff, they will ‘flood out’, and it won’t be amusing. All our work to reinforce the southern borders of our country regarding security and economics, has proven its worth.”

Mr. Lukashenko is adamant regarding the need to improve the work of security agencies: a task he set around a month ago. According to Stanislav Zas, the State Secretary of the Security Council, the assessment made by the President testifies to the general efficiency of the country’s law enforcement bodies.

Nevertheless, we cannot be complacent. The session strictly tackled the issue, aiming to enhance the activity of these structures and each of its branches.

By Vladimir Khromov

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