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Nika added to film’s wealth of prestigious festival prizes

Belarusian-Russian The Role awarded Nika Award for ‘Best Screenplay of 2013’
By Olga Pimenova

Scriptwriters Konstantin Lopushansky and Pavel Finn received the award at a solemn ceremony in Moscow, for their action drama, set in the early 20th century. Produced by Belarusfilm National Film Studio, in collaboration with Russia’s Proline Media and Lenfilm, Finland’s BUFO STUDIO and Germany’s SIGMA H.V.e K, the plot revolves around a talented provincial actor, Nikolay Yevlakhov.

While shuttling from one railroad station to another, accompanied by White Guards seeking refuge from the Bolsheviks, Red Army soldiers capture the men. Commanding officer Ignat Plotnikov surveys the prisoners before their execution by firing squad; stopping in front of Yevlakhov, he realises that they are identical in appearance.

Suddenly, the enemy cavalry breaks through and Plotnikov is shot. Returning to Finland, actor Yevlakhov begins to research Plotnikov’s life, planning to ‘resurrect’ him back in Russia, using fake documents. In line with the ideals of the time, Yevlakhov plays this ‘role’ until, as fate would have it, his execution by firing squad.

The film has already been awarded at several prestigious festivals: the Russian Cinema Club Federation Award — at the 35th Moscow International Film Festival; the Cinema Without Borders special prize, from the CIS Executive Committee for the Development of Cultural Co-operation and Strengthening of Friendship Between Nations — at the 20th Minsk International Listapad Film Festival; the Alexander Tvardovsky Award for best screenplay; and the Anatoly Papanov Award — at the 6th All-Russian Golden Phoenix Film Festival. In addition, Maxim Sukhanov was named ‘Best Actor’ at the 17th International Dark Nights Festival (Estonia).
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