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The National Academy of Sciences’ Award ceremony is the ‘Oscars’ of the research world

Newcomer scientists and ability to convince

The National Academy of Sciences’ Award ceremony is the ‘Oscars’ of the research world, being presented every two years, to recognise well-established scientists, as well as newcomers and, even, students for their contribution. This year, around 50 works were nominated, with winners chosen by secret vote, via a jury of NAS commission members. Among the prize holders was Nikolay Karnaukhov — a sixth year student at the Belarusian State Aviation Academy.

Student Nikolay Karnaukhov, laureate of the National Academy of Sciences Award, and Professor Alexander Kapustin

Chatting with Alexander Kapustin, a Candidate of Technical Sciences and a Professor of the Belarusian State Aviation Academy’s Department of Technical Disciplines, who is supervising Nikolay’s studies, it’s clear that the award is deserved. Truly, Nikolay, aged 23, already knows a great deal. However, he modestly comments, “Results come from hard work.”

His most recent is from the National Academy of Sciences, for his paper on Development and Research of an Optimal Digital Regulation System of Tension, for a Synchronous Generator for Advanced Aircraft. It links in to Nikolay’s speciality: Technologies of Aviation (of which generators are part). The practical application is, no doubt, of interest, knowing that his work may well come to be implemented in the future.

Mr. Kapustin comments, “Advanced aircraft require different equipment and management, as we are studying. One method envisages the use of micro-processors for digital management. We had a few problems initially, which Nikolay smoothed out.

Mr. Karnaukhov’s work is devoted to systems of tension regulation. As planes come to rely more on electronics, rather than pilot expertise, a dependable system of power is essential.

Recently, Moscow hosted the Youth and Future of Aviation and Cosmonautics Contest, at which Nikolay presented a logical continuation of his ideas: A System of Automated Alternator Management, with Elements of Artificial Intelligence. It took third place. Truly, he is a perfect inventor and programmer: in late October, he even received his first patent. As Nikolay admits, “I don’t know all machine languages but have mastered a couple.”

By Anton Kostyukevich
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