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New ways to attract visitors to be introduced

National Art Museum to use animation more widely

Animation is already used at the museum — in particulsar, for schoolchildren or following prior agreement with tourist firms. In future, more forms of presenting information on Belarus’ cultural heritage are planned. For example, museum tours may be offered in historical costume or to the accompaniment of music.

In addition, the National Art Museum plans to organise thematic exhibitions. According to its Director, Vladimir Prokoptsov, these enjoy popularity and visitors will definitely enjoy those devoted to Slutsk sashes. “Russia does not exhibit Belarusian art so Russian tourists to Belarus wish not only to taste Belarusian cuisine — like draniki — but to learn more about our art and painters,” explains Mr. Prokoptsov.

The museum has already signed an agreement with a Belarusian tourist firm serving visitors to the country, offering to render tours of the highest quality.

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