New technology to reduce prices

Belarusian and German scientists develop light-emitting diodes with polarised emission

Scientists from the National Academy of Sciences’ Physics Institute have joined those from the RWTH Aachen University in Germany to develop light-emitting diodes with polarised emissions. “The efficiency of computer monitors, as well as TV screens and mobile phones using LED illumination, should almost double,” notes Yevgeny Lutsenko, a senior research officer at the Laboratory of Semiconductor Physics and Chemistry at the National Academy of Sciences’ Physics Institute.

Moreover, the new light-emitting diodes will be 20-50 percent cheaper, due to new technology of lamp production. “At present, light emitting diodes rely on sapphire substrates, which are very expensive; we’re working on making the technology cheaper by using substrates made from lithium-aluminium alloy and oxygen,” continues Mr. Lutsenko.

Belarusian and German scientists began designing new types of light-emitting diodes around four years ago, with industrial production due to start within the next 3-5 years.

Belarus currently imports most of its LED lamps from China, Germany and the USA.

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