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New technologies save time

Prime Minister Mikhail Myasnikovich opens logistics centre in Kolyadichi industrial zone that will improve cargo deliveries
By Yury Beregov

By 2015, the existing ten logistics sites in the Republic will have been joined by another thirty. The first stage of a major site, being constructed using Azerbaijani investments, is to open by the end of this year.

According to Mr. Myasnikovich, trade and logistics centres use the latest technologies to significantly simplify processing and dispatch. Conveniently, clients can also load several different types of goods simultaneously. Such centres are to become an indispensable part of domestic industry, helping enterprises export goods promptly, responding quickly to orders.

According to the PM, importers are spoilt for choice so Belarus needs to offer superb service and convenience to provoke interest. Naturally, quality must also be offered at good value for money to ensure success on foreign markets. Mr. Myasnikovich notes, “Belarus should build export chains via logistics networks here and abroad. It’s vital that we use our geographical opportunities, as well as our production potential, to join foreign trade chains, actively promoting our goods.”

Taking into account market trends, the PM has asked enterprises to double their exports in 2013; a positive foreign trade balance is sought by next summer. Stanislav Iodis, Director General of Minsk Kristall, notes that unique storage conditions are allowing loading time to be reduced. Goods can be stored to 16m (compared with the usual 8-12m) and at least 250 vehicles can be loaded daily, with each taking no more than half an hour to load (compared to 3-4 hours previously).
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