New streets, new names

Several streets and lanes with new names will appear in Minsk

Several streets and lanes with new names will appear in Minsk.

A new square in the Loshitsa district has been named Vilkovshchina after a village that used to be close to the site. 1st and 2nd Ratomsky and Knyagininsky lanes will appear near Ratomskaya and Knyagininskaya Streets. A street that is being designed near the existing Ostrozhskiye and Tyshkevichi Streets will be named after a famous Belarusian noble family, Yelskie. Respublikanskaya Street will be not far from the Independence Palace.

The city map will soon also see a new Mikhailovskaya Street, Staikovskaya Street (leading to the Staiki sporting complex) in the vicinity of Zarechnaya Street and Maly Trostenets Lane, as well as Zhdanovichskaya Street near Masyukovshchina Street. A street named after a Belarusian actress, teacher and writer, the first performer of the Paulinka role in the comedy of the same name by Yanka Kupala — Pavlina Medelka will appear near Vygotsky Street.

By Vitaly Ghil
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