New old pages of family tree

The Radzivils archive is like a visiting card of Belarus
In a way it can be named a family tree of the country, for only the archive contains memories of the times long past. It is no wonder scientists and archivists work to bring together fragments of the national legacy even in an electronic digitised form and negotiations with the neighbouring states — holders of important documents — are held.

But it turns out we can get not just copies but original priceless rarities. In particular, as a free will gesture Germany is ready to hand over 1,000 documents of the Radzivils fund to Belarus. In exchange for a reciprocal favour — German documents, which have been kept in Belarus since the Great Patriotic War. Vladimir Adamushko, Chairperson of the Archives and Paperwork Committee under the Cabinet of Ministers, informed the first this year’s sitting of the board about it.

Director of the National Historic Archive Alla Golubovich, who is negotiating with the German side, confirmed, the exchange is a matter of near future. In turn, she added, such an exchange can be arranged with Poles as well, however, restitution of original documents is out of the question.
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