New national uniform gets athletes’ approval

Belarusian team kit for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi presented at the National Olympic Committee in Minsk
By Igor Leshin

The 22-piece collection, inspired by Belarusian traditional colours, includes ski outfits (a jacket, trousers, boots and strap). a reversable windproof jacket, training shoes, a parade suit, a training suit, a sweater, a set of four sport shirts and two peaked caps, a cap and a scarf, gloves, thermal underwear, flip-flops, a knapsack and a bag with wheels.

According to the First Vice President of the National Olympic Committee of Belarus (NOC), Igor Rachkovsky, the National Committee of Lithuania has played a definite role in the choice of the uniform. “They are our closest neighbours, and, while talking to them we got interested in who makes their uniforms. They recommended Audimas. The Lithuanian Olympic Committee has been liaising with the company for about 8 years. We paid a visit to Lithuania to study the company’s business line, and offered co-operation. At this final stage, we’re absolutely pleased with their produce and quality. We would like to continue our co-operation with the company in the future, so that sport shirts and sport suits with ‘Belarus’ inscription appear in our country, enabling fans to buy them when they go to support our athletes,” noted Mr. Rachkovsky.

The new kit has already caught the fancy of Belarusian athletes. The leader of the Belarusian biathlon national team, Darya Domracheva, has sent a letter to the NOC, stating her delight with the outcome and stressing the perfect combination of quality, attractive colours and comfort.
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