New names on memory tables

A three-volume edition of Belarusian writers, who perished during the Great Patriotic War, has been published
The project was accomplished by publishing house “Belaruski Knigazbor” on the order and for money of the Belarusian National Fund “Mutual Understanding and Reconciliation”. 46 names entered the three-volume edition “Skryzhali Pamiatsi” (memory tables) compiled by professor Ales Belski. A whole generation of men of letters, the best of the Belarusian culture. People aged between 20 and 35 years… The presentation of the three-volume edition was part of the recent events held in the old building of the National Library, which is ready to move into the new “diamond”.

Talented writers and poets perished on the frontline, in blockaded Leningrad, in concentration camps, in ghettos, SS and SD prisons… The edition presents many revelations. For example, one can get familiar with men of letters who wrote in Yiddish. The book also contains the legacy of religious writers: Orthodox clergyman Alexander Kovsh, who was shot in 1943, Catholic priest Petr Prostoi tormented to death by fascists, Protestant priest Galyash Levchik, who perished in Warsaw in 1944… Having read the book, one can understand the tragedy of the nation, which lost the best representatives and the richness of the national culture. Excerpts from a novel about nuclear weapons invention by Zmitrok Astapenko who disappeared in the Carpathians in 1944, are surprising. Just as well as letters by Vera Khoruzhei, in which flaming revolutionary looks like a lyric character. The heart is touched by light and piercing poetry by Mikola Surnachev, who perished in a hand-to-hand fight near Berlin at the age of 28. Kind and witty stories for children by Rakhel Brokhes, who died in Minsk ghetto in 1942. A death list written by poet and partisan Ivan Denisenko, who was shot by fascists after long torture in 1943, is astounding. “Skryzhali Pamytsi” is not for the history’s sake. It is for everyone of us.
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